BYF! i am a minor, i often type in all caps or keyboard smash, tho i sometimes chat dry, i mainly talk about anime like jjk or aot
DNI! if you fit the basic dni criteria, supports asian hate, solo stan, a troll or a heavy nsfw acc, -13, 21+, toxic and problematic in general
NOTE! im a bit sensitive so i prefer being talked to with tone tags, pls TW ed, sh. if i do something wrong pls kindly educate me through dms
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Doja Cat - Streets
Save your tears - The Weeknd
ASAP - Stayc
Campus - Vampire Weekend
You - Hollywood Ending
...Feeling Happy... • 8:43 PM
drawing, skating, coquette, cats, pastel pink and white, netflix, tea, boba, manhwa, manga, music, rain

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.....Feeling Sad..... • 8:43 PM
hot weather, school, pick me, toxic fans, haters, racist, math, loud noises, asian fetishization

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・twice mina
yoon stayc
・seventeen joshua
jaemin nct
・loona jinsoul
hyunjae the boyz

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chungha kard bm eric nam lee hi exo xiumin ikon bobby blackpink jisoo bol4 itzy yuna red velvet joy fromis_9 saerom

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demon slayer, fruits basket, haikyuu!!, jjk, houseki no kuni, aot, kimi ni todoke, totoro, the wind rises, ao haru ride